After spending (if not wasting) time with Git, finally I decide to have a word to say

Git is sexy because there is GitHub

Git originally design philosophy, it probably failed all of them

  1. Speed

Don’t feel much difference from my previous SVN experience, people like to compare SVN and Git, isn’t it?

  1. Simple design

Only if the word simple is spelled by hackers or geeks, it is GitHub that makes it human agin

  1. Strong support for non-linear development (thousands of parallel branches)

That is great to go non-linear and watching the youtube videos to say people naturally high on talking about the git tree, gosh. I like to say that we are living in a linear world, if the time is gone, it is gone. Well, my world anyway.

  1. Fully distributed

Not matters that much, have you ever heard of the term IoT (Internet of the Things), everything is connected these days, not only that, connected on a very highspeed internet.

How I use git anyway?

Mostly as a solo developer, who’s living in a linear world with GitHub. Command wise? I love the posh-git that comes with GitHub on Windows and love the idea of not having the command available on my Mac (that is so Mac, so simple and savvy), with only couple commands I touch the most there status and log. If gitk can be counted as a command, there is one too. Occasionally I do commit via command line, but that is not usual, as GitHub client has a pretty good commit and sync (if you ever wonder, that is commit and push).

What I like? It is simple if not use GitHub (I am not working for GitHub though I would love to)

GitHub client on Windows (comes with posh-git and gitk) and Mac works with repo on GitHub, GitLab or your network share. What I do there? Code, Commit, Sync and then Sing gitk, a great tool to show the history log git2r, a great R package from rOpenSci to know what happened in your repo P.S.

tl;dr version. It is all about what you want to do, stay disconnected in a silo, or be social. One could argue, soloist does not need version control, I do.